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Poetry Portfolio

Here are several selections from my forthcoming book, Poems That Could End the World, due out October 2020, for you to preview.

"As the swarm..."

(an untitled sevenling (all sevenlings are untitled))

A World Full of Starvation

(a found poem)


(an anagrammatic poem)

Death by Emission

(a triolet)

Truth Once Programmed

(a blitz poem)

The following poems (with the exception of "Night Light") are selections from my first book, Into The Retrospectrum, and have been published in various poetry publications. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Christmas Poetry

The following two poems were published in Issue 57 (2016) of The Poet's Art., a poetry magazine. "Christmas Time" was written by my niece, Kimberly. We each wrote a Christmas poem at the age of eight; mine in 1975, hers in 2009. Do visit my Snippets page (08/12/16 post) for the complete story.


Christmas Time

by Kimberly Busse

Children's Poetry

Thanks to my good friend, Nancy Neira, for giving me the idea and inspiration to write this poem.

(Poem/puzzle and solution)

Once again, many thanks to Nancy Neira for giving me a terrific idea to teach children about anagrams through poetry.