Ronald A. Busse

Writing ~ Editing ~ Marketing-to-Publishers


On an editing and formatting job I did for an exercise and nutrition book about bodybuilding:

"...I really like how you've been editing the book. Specially the chapter of the Underweight and Overweight how you made the bullet points make more sense. Thank you very much Ron."

"I'm really thankful for what you've been doing with my work."

And on a cover letter to publishers which I wrote for the same book:

"It's perfect how it all flows right. I really like it. Thanks Ron you made a great job."

Sal B., client and author of The Last Secrets of Bodybuilding

On an editing job I did for a children's book:

"Oh my goodness you are so great. Thank you for all your advice! I feel so much more confident with your backing."

"Your guidance truly made this book beautiful and perfect!"

Laura C., client and author of Bob's Spiritfly

On a memoir that I edited, formatted, and marketed:

"...I feel very blessed to have found you because I think my book will be readable with your editing help. You certainly have an eye for the very minute details! Your many suggestions have definitely improved this mess that I created."

Anthony L., client and author of Nonno, Tell Us a Story

On editing a student's school essays for his Masters Degree:

"Thank you so much Ron. I love how easy it was working with you and exceptional quality of work you provide."

Alexander G., client

On a poetry book that I edited, formatted, and marketed:

"Deep thanks to Ronald Busse, without whom none of this would have been possible."

Roland R., client and author of Cannibals

On a cover letter I wrote for children's book publishers:

"Well, in a word... Goosebumps. You are a very good writer. You make it (her story) sound so inviting and exciting. Very well done, Ron!"

Laura C., client

On my own children's picture book manuscript, Puppy's First Trip to the Beach:

"It is imaginative, lovely written and above all encourages young readers to explore, discover and enjoy new places."

"Puppy's First Trip to the Beach offers kids the possibility to discover new places and will be welcomed by children, parents and educators."

Raquel Benatar

Renaissance House/Laredo Publishing

On my poetry book, Into the Retrospectrum:

"In Ronald Busse's first book, Into The Retrospectrum, we were privileged to meet a forthright young man making poetic sense of his world; enticing each of us to reflect for ourselves "retrospectively"."

Paula Lochmandy

Tattersall Press


"I found it to be excellent work."

Michael Nickles, Editor

Anthology of Poetry, Inc.


"It's a handsome book."

Kathleen Iddings, Editor/Publisher

San Diego Poet's Press


"We very much enjoyed your work."

Jeff Miller, Projects/Publicity/Promo

Tattersall Press


"I'm sure it will appeal to other readers."

Laurence Lieberman, Poetry Editor

University of Illinois Press